Most bands once started as a local act, in case of TRANCE this happened 1979. After some demos and a self-financed single (now one of the top German Metal-rarities), they got a record deal with Rockport Records and recorded their first album „Break Out“ in 1982. This was before metal-magazines were available in Germany, but the Dutch Aardshok embraced TRANCE and their debut. With their second album „Power Infusion“ and the single „Heavy Metal Queen“ all hell broke loose and TRANCE became the number three behind the Scorpions and Accept. Touring got more intense and the band also played festivals like Aardschok Dag or shows with support acts like Warlock or Steeler.

On their commercial peak some business decisions were made that interrupted the rise of TRANCE. Dieter Dierks (Scorpions, Accept) got on board to produce the next album „Victory“, which was made with international success in mind. The sound and songs were more polished and the LP was released too late. In 1985 the Heavy Metal-scene was already established and „Victory“ didn´t fit well to that new scene. Nevertheless also that album offered fan-favorites like „Break The Chains“ or „We Are The Revolution“ which are still performed live these days. Unfortunately additional problems with the management happened and the next album „Back In Trance“ needed to be released under the name TRANCEMISSION. After this was solved the band was continued releasing albums like „Rockers“, „Boulevard Of Broken Dreams“ and „Die Hard“ before they split-up in the nineties, when Grunge and Crossover more or less was destroying traditional Hardrock and Metal. Original members Markus Berger (Guitars) and Thomas Klein (Bass) decided on giving it a second try in 2011 and after various line-up changes (including original drummer Jürgen Baum) they were ready to record the comeback album „The Loser Strikes Back“ in 2017 with Neudi on drums (Manilla Road, Savage Grace, Roxxcalibur etc.). The CD/LP was a huge success and TRANCE was touring with Dirkschneider, in addition to various European festival shows. In 2018 they´ve recruted the Dutch singer Nick Holleman whom they´ve seen with Vicious Rumors when they were touring with Dirkschneider. A tour through Europe with Anvil was the next step to establish TRANCE back to where they belong.

Festivals like „Headbangers Open Air“ were following before the last change in the line-up was made and Joris Van Rooij entered the band as their second guitar player. 2019 started well with their performance at „Metal Assault Festival“. After a clubtour in March the band will record their new album in April, again with producer Charlie Czajkowski (Rage, Subsignal, Axxis etc.). TRANCE is one of the few reunited bands offering what their old and new fans really want. Even with a different line-up than back in the days, the band still has all the trademarks they were -and are- famous for.


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