Autumn is a rather unique, seven-piece (heavy) progressive rock/metal band hailing from the Netherlands. They’ve been a steady and respected player in the international rock metal scene for over 16 years and have released six full length albums along the way. Their last effort Stacking Smoke (2019) has received high praise from from both fans and media alike. The band itself likes to see it as the pinnacle of their oeuvre.

After the Release of Stacking Smoke, Autumn started a select streak of live shows to showcase the new material and perform a ‘best off’ selection from almost all previous albums. Now that things are looking brighter for all things ‘live’, Autumn seek to continue on that chosen path of quality over quantity.

A typical Autumn live-show is a very diverse and dynamic experience. It ranges from broad post-rock soundscapes to steamrolling mid-tempo riffing. From delicate clean passages to elaborate, thunderous codas. It’s all there.

Marjan Welman’s ‘warm, yet eerily cold’ vocals are the connecting factor in this musical meltingpot, supported by three extra vocalists/guitarists and a routined rhythm section.

As a unit, the band always performs with 100% commitment and love for audience and music.





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