Fractured Insanity

(death BE)

The first signs of the band go back in May 2004 when two individuals, Kenny(guitar) and Didier(bass) finally found a drummer who was capable to play the music style in the person of Ignace!

We rehearsed and wrote new material untill March 2005 when we decided to search for a vocalist. After a few weeks we met up with Rob who was willing and capable to perform the duties as a frontman.
The line-up was complete...

2008 brought new challenges to the Fractured camp. In March new guitarist Dieter entered the band, and in November, when Rob decided to quit the band, we found a new frontman in mister Cid Jimenez. In january 2010 Cid decided to quit, now the band is busy rehearsing and preparing a new singer and a new upcoming fullalbum that will be recorded in hertz studio in bailystok. a releasedate will be revealed toghether with the new singer soon

Fractured Insanity @ BURGFEST 2014
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