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Caducity @ BURGFEST 2014

Caducity was formed way back in 1989 by Bert VanThuyne and Dirk Peirs, both are no longer active in Caducity. Soon the band was joined by the actual bass player Steven Suys. In 1992 Guy Nirion joined on vocals, and though the band had quite some trouble finding a suiting 2nd guitar player (using up quite some inadequate six stringers), they finally managed to do so in 1993 when Vinnie joined on 2nd guitars.

By that time the band had recorded two demo-tapes being "Incarnated: the abhorrer's tale" in '92 and "The Imperishable Mystery" in '93. Thanks to our demo-tapes we succeeded in spreading our name and we got signed by Shiver Records in '93 and released their first album end '94 "The Weiliaon Wielder Quest". The second album "whirler of fate" was released in 1997. Through time we did quite some gigs with a lot of local and international bands such as Gorefest, Ancient Rites, Agathocles, Death, Cradle of Filth, Occult, Vader, Gorerotted, Tankard, Benediction, Congress, Liar and Enthroned to mention a few.

Musically as well as lyrically Caducity walks paths not frequently tread within the death/trash scene, more powerful death with some minor trash touches to an eerie form of death metal mixed with powerful trashblastriffing Lyrically the band has been working on a concept since the beginning, both intricate and fascinating. But quite too complicated for a biography.

Unfortunately, we've had some trouble finding a stable line-up after we released our second album. Due to professional reasons as well as some personal differences, some of the members choose to split ways and Caducity faced up to several years with ever changing bandmembers. Along the way, we still accomplished the recording of our third album "The Gentle Annihilation of The Enthroned".

At the moment, we hope to have finished our difficult journey and hope we have found a stable line-up again. It feels really good to have Vinnie back in our mids and feel confident about the new material. We'll still need some time to finish the recording and look forward to play some live-sets again. So if you can help us in finding gigs, please do not hesitate. It will surely be appreciated.

We' re definitely looking forward to disturb the peace again, perhaps somewhere in your neighbourhood.

N.G.: singer (ex-Inquest)
Vinnie: guitar
Tommy: guitar (ex-Mental Death)
Steven: bass
Marre: drummer (ex-Gardens of Grief, ex-Death Anos)

Caducity @ BURGFEST 2014
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