Beyond Our Ruins

(death NL)

Beyond Our Ruins @ BURGFEST 2014

Beyond our Ruins (BoR) was founded in October 2008. As from October 2013 the band is active in its' current line-up with Luuk, Robert, Joris, Mischa and Bas. From this moment on the band has found a steady basis of sound and musical synergy.

The band covers a musical spectrum wandering from Opeth, through Rammstein, up to the likes of Mastodon and Red Fang. Quite a diverse array, mainly because of a great diversity in musical preferences within the band. But most of all BoR is about a pack of lads combining their love for Metal with their friendship.

As far as BoR is concerned, the time has come to visit as many places as possible and sharing this passion with as many people as possible. Bottomline: Metal made by fans, played for fans!

Musical characteristics: 
Dark melody in both instruments and vocals A solid layer of pulsing and groovy drums Topped off with provokingly slow riffing and raw grunts.

Band members:
Luuk - drums
Robert - keys
Mischa - guitar
Joris - guitar
Bas – bass guitar en vocals

Beyond Our Ruins @ BURGFEST 2014
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