Tellurion @ BURGFEST 2014

Endtime Odyssey started off as a foursome in October 2012 and carried on in this line-up (Lio - vocals, Tobias - keys, Joeri - bass and Steve - drums) for quite a while. When finally guitarist Tim joined in March of 2014, the band immediately felt a huge development in their musicality, point of view and motivation. A new entity was born.

All members have acquired quite some experience over the years: former bands/projects such as Io, coRPus, Left Passage and Precious Stone as well as the current collectives Herfst and Crow System prove that these guys are nothing less than a bunch of busy bees.

Endtime Odyssey's vast musical influences are more than clear and will not be held aside; reaching from ABBA to Zappa, versatility is paramount.

After arranging a try-out closed gig for a select group of people, the band is now ready to officially hit the stage. Open your mind and enjoy the unity of first and last. The beginning of the end. The Endtime Odyssey.


Tellurion @ BURGFEST 2014
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